Eric Ang

Eric It was Eric's first big first career decision to commence his working life in SGX as a Technology Associate (TA) in 2008. Despite being the pioneer batch of Technology Associates at SGX, Eric came with an open mind and took up all challenges in his stride. He graduated from the programme in 2010, taking along with him a holistic understanding of the Technology operations in SGX.

Eric's first rotation was in the Programme Management Office (PMO), where he had a hands-on experience of project management. He was also given the opportunity to work closely with the various Business Units to understand their requirements and translate to user specifications for the developers.

Within his first week at SGX, Eric had the chance to participate in the launch of Quest-ST, the new trading system for the securities market. He recalls being thrilled to be involved in the launch of Quest-ST and the potential benefits this may bring to the Singapore's economy. That was certainly a remarkable welcome into SGX.

“It was immensely exciting, as this was a huge change that
would impact Singapore's capital market.

At the Office of Chief Information Officer, he was put in a position where he was able to observe the magnitude of Technology operations and the countless strategic IT decisions whether it be related to cost, resource management, audits or new architecture standards.

“I came in with a thirst for knowledge and experience,
and this journey has certainly been enriching.”

Barely three months into the programme, Eric was assigned a leadership role to co-supervise an intern. This gave him insights to the accountabilities of a manager, and allows him to build on his people skills.

“In the TA programme, there is always ample room
to experiment and explore possibilities.”

Throughout his rotation, Eric was able to learn the ropes from the various function heads in structuring ideas and proposals for the Management. Asked about his most memorable stint, Eric replied with hesitation “Incident Management”. It was during this attachment to the Service Management team where he was able to leverage on his knowledge gained from previous rotations to resolve issues and make timely decisions. Upon completing the programme, Eric was posted to the Service Management function and is currently responsible to manage the service levels of our service provider.

Keys to success

Eric Eric's words to aspiring TAs would be Carpe Diem, or, seize the day. This involves – continuous learning; having an inquisitive spirit; being highly energetic and adaptable; being resilient and being quick witted.

Lastly, he says “Take pride and ownership of your work. When your efforts are recognised, the reward is well worth it!”