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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the more commonly asked questions about the SGX Management Associate Programme. You may find the answer you are looking for below. Click on a question from the list below to see the answer.

1. What is the SGX Management Associate (MA) Programme?

The SGX MA Programme is aimed at selecting young talent and accelerating their professional development within SGX. The Open track allows candidates to focus on developing business and functional skills; while the Technology track allows candidates to gain insights on how strategic technology decisions influence business plans.

2. Are there any particular disciplines I must enroll in to qualify for the SGX MA programme?

SGX's MA programme is open to candidates from any disciplines. Candidates are expected to show a keen interest in the financial industry. However, candidates opting for the Technology Track are expected to have some background/experience in Technology related disciplines.

3. When can I apply to the SGX MA programme?

Online application opens in October 2016 and closes on 20 November 2016.

4. Can I apply for both tracks?

You can only apply for either the Open track or Technology track. Applicants who apply for both tracks will not be considered.

5. Can I switch track during the application phase?

You may switch tracks during the application phase. Please write an email with your request to and with the following subject "MA Programme - Change Track".

6. What do you look for in considering MA applications?

While we emphasize the need for academic excellence, we take a holistic view of the candidate's development as an individual. This would include having a good track record of achievements in co-curricular activities, exhibiting leadership potential, as well as having demonstrated a keen interest in the financial industry. Writing a cover letter helps in highlighting some of the experiences not listed in your CV.

7. How many MAs would you be hiring this year?
We do not have a quota and hire based on merit.
8. What happens after the programme?

The MA will be posted to a permanent unit which best matches the organizational needs, the MA’s interests and potential.

9. Is this programme only open to fresh graduates?

No. Candidates of up to 2 years of working experience (as of date of application) may apply.

10. Is this programme open to Masters level students?

Yes, however it is the same programme that they would go through, and there is no differentiation with regards to remuneration.

11. I am studying overseas now. Can I still apply for the SGX MA programme?

Yes. However, you are required to be physically present for the selection rounds if you are shortlisted.

12. How do I apply for the SGX MA programme?

Submit your curriculum vitae through our website. You can refer to the respective pages for the links:
MA Programme (Open Track):
MA Programme (Technology Track):

13. What is the application process like?

Shortlisted candidates can expect to go through a rigorous selection process which involves ability tests, panel interviews and assessment centre.