Keri Neo

Keri After going through a rigorous screening process comprising of ability tests, a boardroom simulation, and various interview sessions, Keri stood out amongst the rest, according to one manager. She was elated when she received the offer.

“What attracted me to SGX was the clarity in its mission,
and I clearly understood what the organisation strived to achieve.”

The SGX Management Associate (MA) programme offers a different model of experience, with great flexibility and customisation. For instance, the managers and HR strategically assess each MA's area of expertise and determine which units the individual is best suited for. This hones and develops the MA's maximum potential in their area of specialisation.

Keri's rotation through various departments – Market Development / Product Management, Office of the CEO, Operations, Issuer Regulation – has given her valuable opportunities to network and build relationships. Keri chose to return to Derivatives for her permanent posting as she enjoys interacting with people from diverse backgrounds across the industry. She also has a strong passion to build business cases, and finds it very fulfilling to be part of the growth in businesses and revenues.

“Over time, you would understand the mechanics of developing
new business and the challenges that may be encountered.
Seeing a project take-off is immensely rewarding.”

As part of the programme, Keri was attached to the CEO's office, and gained exposure to the top management's mindset and working styles. She learnt how to see the “big picture” and understood how the management managed issues. Her familiarity with the various departments has certainly trained her to be more acute in identifying loopholes and anticipating problems. The ability to escalate issues to unit heads from a neutral perspective is invaluable, Keri shared.

Keys to success

Keri Keri advises new MAs to keep an open mind and learn as much as possible while rotating through the various units. Although Derivatives is where she feels at home, Operations is the unit that has contributed very significantly to where she is now. Having “field experience” has given her the relevant insights into planning and executing successful projects.

“Being organised is very important. Have the ability to think on your feet and learn fast. Maintain humility and a good attitude, and look for opportunities even in the smallest of things. Also, always try to be more efficient in the way you do things. Of course, trying to be more efficient in the way you do things always helps too!”

With the desire to better develop and manage her product portfolio, Keri was awarded with an SGX supported scholarship for a full-time Masters in Financial Engineering. She has since returned and is currently managing a portfolio of derivatives products.