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SGX Management Associate Programme (Technology Track)

The SGX Management Associate (Technology Track) Programme is designed for driven and bright graduates, who share a similar level of passion for technology and interest in the capital market as us.

“You will learn that technology is not all about applications coding.
A large part of it also includes IT governance,
IT service management, infrastructure, cost management,
business analysis and project management.”

As a Management Associate (Technology Track) in SGX, you will join us at the forefront of the financial industry and grow as a technology professional. You will undergo a tailored 2-year rotation programme and gain exposure across different functions in Technology.

In each function, you will be given special assignments targeted to hone your technical and business understanding. This includes a six-month attachment to the Technology Office where you can appreciate how senior management makes strategic technological decisions to propel business growth in SGX.

Under the mentorship of a senior manager while on the programme, you are assured of continuous personal and professional guidance. Upon completing the programme, you will be placed in a function which best matches your interests, skills and potential.

Professional development

We place great emphasis on promoting active learning and development throughout your career at SGX. You will be immersed in unique developmental experiences through structured work-based learning and formal learning. The structured work-based learning will provide critical on-the-job experiences for you to develop domain knowledge and skills. You will get to work with different teams and leaders across units to hone your interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. You will also be enrolled into focused learning opportunities your development as future leaders of SGX.

What do we look for?

We look for fresh graduates or professionals (less than two years of work experience) with:

  • A passion for the financial industry
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • An inquisitive and curious mind
  • Excellent academic results in any discipline from a reputable university or institution
  • Technology related background and exposure
  • Outstanding track record of co-curricular activities, leadership or entrepreneurial achievements

How can I apply?

The SGX Management Associate Programme is not open for applications at this point in time.

You can refer to the FAQ for more information on the programme.

Who are our Management Associates (Technology Track)?

Curious about what our TAs say about the programme? Read more about their experiences, challenges and successes below.


Eric Ang

“In the TA program, there is always ample room to experiment and explore possibilities. I came in with a thirst for knowledge and experience, and this journey has certainly been enriching.”

More about Eric

Yi Suqin

“Every TA has a unique experience, each TA will have a story of theirs to share after two years. This is what makes the TA Programme special. The diversity of the experience and knowledge that one can gain in the two year programme is invaluable.”

More about Suqin

  1 The Technology Associate (TA) Programme is now known as the Management Associate Programme (Technology Track).