Yi Suqin

SuqinTechnology Associate (TA) programme in SGX offered Suqin the best of both worlds: allowing her to continue her passion for IT while satisfying her curiosity of how the Exchange operates. Although all TAs are rotated through the same key functions within Technology; the experience of each TA is different due to the work assigned.

“Every TA has a unique experience,
each TA will have a story of theirs to share after two years.
This is what makes the TA Programme special.”

Suqin has built up a diverse portfolio through her rotations. She gained experience and knowledge in these areas: project management, business analysis, technical analyst supporting the trading systems, incident management and network.

The rotation to the Office of CIO gave her first hand experience of how management decisions are made.

“In these big bosses meeting, you get to observe
how critical decisions were made strategically,
introducing a whole new definition to your perspective of things.”

One of the highlights was Suqin's one month posting to Stockholm to support the testing of REACH-ST – a new Securities Trading Engine which provides SGX with the fastest Trading Engine in the world. This opportunity came as a pleasant surprise and cause for much trepidation having just joined the team for only five months.

“The diversity of the experience and knowledge that
one can gain in the two year programme is invaluable.”

Another of the highlights was the experience of managing service outages. Suqin likens her role to that of a like a firefighter who must always think and react quickly – is a race against time to restore the services as quickly as possible.

The rare exposure across diverse areas in Technology is truly a privilege, Suqin quips. The journey is exhilarating – with plenty of challenges, guidance and support from teammates and managers.

“Every challenge surmount will equip you better for the next one”

Suqin has emerged from the TA programme with a good understanding of what it takes to be a Technology professional in the financial industry.

Keys to success

Suqin Her advice to aspiring TAs is to have a learner's heart and be open to challenges and changes. Most importantly, have passion and enthusiasm in your work.

“Like what you do and you will be ever ready
for anything that comes your way.”