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Job Info
Position : Assistant Vice President, Operations (Vendor Governance)
Business / Support Unit : Operations
Function : Processing
Reference No. : SGXOPS
Job Description

Job description:

Manage 4 material outsourcing arrangements, ensure governance of the vendors in accordance to policy, procedures and guidelines.

Responsibilities include:
- Perform vendor management activities in accordance to service level agreements
- Perform vendor governance activities in accordance to SGX Outsourcing policy/procedures/guidelines, conduct site visits at vendors’ premises (both Ops & Tec Due Diligence) and ensure proper closure of issues identified
- Review vendors’ submission of documents to comply with outsourcing arrangements
- Set up framework and standard regime to ensure consistent approach being applied across vendors
- Ensure proper record keeping and documentation
- Develop and maintain vendor risk scorecards, identify operational risk gaps on vendor matters.  Ensure issues identified are followed-up and preventive measures put in place.
- Incident management and follow up on preventive measures to be implemented by the vendors
- Perform annual review of vendors for continuation of services
- Review any contractual amendments required with vendors
- Manage incoming/outgoing mail services
- Provide statistics and management reporting



Job Requirements

- Bachelor's degree in Business, Computer Science or other related field

- Minimally 5 years of experience in managing vendors/suppliers relationships

- Ability to systematically and efficiently manage contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk

- Good problem-solver

- Diplomatic, good stakeholder relations and negotiation skills

- Excellent written and oral communication skills

- Must be self-motivated and able to set priorities